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    • Gauri dwivedi

    So, you want a new shirt but aren't sure if you need it? If you're moments away from clicking buy now’ but are hesitant about the utility of the gorgeous shirt you're about to purchase, allow us to tell you about the five big moments in life where you will thank yourself that you did.


    1. That scary job interview: This is it. The job of your dreams. A perfect number of vacation days, good salary, and a clear road map of promotions. You don't wanna walk into the interview and make a first impression that doesn't last, do you? Our finely made shirts ensure that no matter which room you walk into, you make your presence felt.


    2. That much-awaited first date: The person that you have been wanting to go out with for so long has shown interest in you, too. What would you say is a perfect first date outfit? A shirt, of course! The formalness will make sure that you come across as a gentleman, and when you roll up your sleeves a little, you can gently convey through your body language how fun you are. You can't go wrong with this one.


    3. Your friend's wedding: Instead of being sad that your friend managed to find love before you did, maybe dress well enough on their wedding so that all eyes are on you, the best man? Pairing one of our signature shirts with a dazzling black suit is all you need to give that impression. Plus, the amazing pictures from the functions will light up your social media feed, and stay as memories forever.


    4. Meeting your partner's parents: Are you finally about to meet your partner's parents for the first time? You probably then have a lot that is worrying you- how to talk, what to talk about, if you should bring a gift, where you should meet, and so on. But we can easily take one worry off your shoulders- what to wear. A properly pressed shirt ensures that you come across as responsible and sorted, and gives off the impression that is needed to make them know that you are reliable.


    5. At the airport/ in a flight: The most important thing while flying is being comfortable- and our shirts give you that comfort, no matter where you are, along with the formalness that makes you come across as a professional, just in case you end up meeting someone that you can network with while on a trip. The airport, and planes in general, usually have a lot of professionals travelling for business and just in case you end up interacting with someone who might be a possibly good contact for your career or project, it's a nice plan to wear something final to look reliable and serious.


    So as you can see, there are almost endless opportunities in life where a shirt can possibly be one of the best things to wear. And we'll make sure that you find ones that are just right for you. All You need to do is check out the options on our website today!