FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Amb Classé India


Customer Questions

How can I exchange a product ?

If a product have any manufacturing defect or the order size doesn’t fit you. You can exchange it in its original condition by informing us within 24hours of receiving the products. We will arrange a reverse pick-up and delivery of your order. 

How do I withdraw my consent?

If after you opt-in, you change your mind, you may withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use or disclosure of your information, at anytime, by contacting us at info@ambclasse.com or mailing us at:


X-11 west patel nagar, New Delhi -110008

Wallet : Cashbox

What is wallet ?

Wallet is a place where you can store your money you
receive from cashbox or money you transfer from your
bank account.

How wallet work ?

You just need to a make transaction from your bank account to wallet. Transacted money will be seen as wallet money

How many days money can store in wallet?

   Your money can be stored as long as you want to.

How to use wallet money ?

At time of your purchase a wallet option will appear. Use that option to use your wallet money. 


How can anyone donate ?

For online : Please visit our cashbox page and fill a small form regarding you andyour itemsPack your item in box or polybag properly. Our team member will reach you and will pick your items. 
For In-Store : You can visit our stores with donating 
items and get  instant discounts. 

I have to pay anything for pick up ?

Its free , we don’t charge anything for pick up. 

How much Ambcash I will receive ?

We pay Ambcash according to Branded and Nonbranded category. For further info to go –  “Pricing”. 

Custom Tees

.Do you only print on T-shirts ?

No, we also prints on Shirts. 

Can I supply my own garments ?

Yes you can , But please be sure its of good quality and shouldn’t be have any colour defects. 

Can you design the logo we want to print ?

Yes we can , but you need to give us your ideas and co-operation. 

How much time it will take ?

It will take 10-15 days. It is also depend on quantity of your products.