Return and exchange policy: We always strive to give you the best but mistakes can happen. Regarding issues with the design, colour or fitting of the garment, you can easily exchange or return the product. We will process your request as soon as possible and without the least hassle to you. To initiate an exchange or return, log into your Amb Classe account and request for the same. For further inquiries, you can contact our customer care on +91-958-224-4208 or drop an email at

Conditions for exchange/return:

• A product can be exchanged or returned within 30 days of purchasing the product.
• While returning or exchanging the product, it should have the original packaging and the receipt must be produced.
• In case of an exchange, the product must not be damaged or altered in any way or washed.
• While returning or exchanging, the product must be having the price tag. Without the price tag, the product shall not be accepted by us.
• If the product is damaged, it should be immediately notified to us.
• The entire price shall be reimbursed in case of a return. The shipping charge (if any) is not eligible for a refund.

[I will add any other policies or make changes in the policies mentioned above.]
Steps for exchanging or returning:
• Log into your account in Amb Classe.
• Select the product you want to return/replace.
• Then, select the option for returning or replacement.
• Further details regarding the pickup shall be informed after the request is processed.

Cancellation policy: We are sure you will not need this option but in case you do, we will refund your entire money. We do reserve the right to cancel the order if the circumstances force us to and we will ensure that you get your money back.

Shipping: We will ensure that you get your product at the earliest and in the best condition. Depending on the region, the product will be delivered within 5-7 working days. We partner up with some of the best courier agencies and this enables us to send you your orders in the fastest time possible and with the utmost care.
• A shipping charge of Rs. Xx is applicable for orders less than Rs. Xxx.
• The shipping charge shall not be refundable in cases of return or replacement.
• If the product is lost or damaged by us on route for delivery, then the entire amount will be refunded,
including the shipping charge.[I am not sure about this policy]
Refunds: Refunds in case of return, replacement or cancellation, can be received in the following forms:
1) Coupons worth the amount, redeemable on our site.
2) The amount deposited in the bank account which was used to purchase the product/s.
3) In case of COD, the amount shall be deposited to the bank account which will be provided by the customer.


1) What if I do not want the product when it arrives?
Ans. You may cancel your order any time you want. If the payment was made using a debit/credit card, the amount will be refunded minus the shipping charge (if any). For COD, the order shall simply be cancelled.[This point needs some inputs regarding the policies for shipping charges in case of COD. I did not mention since I am unaware.

2) If I do not like the product I ordered and I want to replace it with another product?
Ans. In case you change your mind regarding the product after the purchase, you may initiate a replacement request within 30 days of the purchase. If the back shipping is available in your area, we will pick up your product and will send you the new product as per the regular shipping policies. If back shipping is unavailable then you will have to ship the product to our address. Any matter regarding the amount will be conveyed to you.

3) If the size does not match me, what should I do?
Ans. In case the size of the garment is not suitable, then we advise you to promptly raise a replacement request. We will pick up your product if back shipping is available in your area. Or else, you will have to ship the product to our address. As soon as we receive the product we will dispatch you the same product of the right size. It will be shipped according to the usual policies.